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The Use of a Notary for Real Estate Transactions

The Use of a Notary for Real Estate Transactions

Your notary plays a big role in your real estate transactions. Many of the documents within the closing package require notarization. Notaries who also act as Loan Signing Agents are extremely valuable to the closing process, as they meet with the sellers/buyers and walk through the entire closing package. They ensure all documents are signed properly and notarized where needed.  This is a crucial step in every real estate transaction to ensure the sale goes through smoothly.

Another crucial responsibility for a notary and loan signing agent is overseeing all exchanges and business documents during the transaction. By collaborating closely with mortgage lenders and notary services in Santa Rosa, California, you can accomplish what is necessary to successfully complete the transaction.

It’s important to note that without notarization, execution of an authentic deed, a real estate mortgage is deemed invalid. By going to a notary public, and loan signing agent in Sonoma County, California, you not only gain guidance through the signing process but also secure the certainty that the transaction will be difficult to dispute.

Before purchasing the property you have your eye on, consulting with a notary is a wise step. At Diana’s Mobile Notary, Diana is ready to provide expert services, ensuring that your transactions go smoothly and are executed properly. Diana is a mobile notary in Sonoma County, California and is committed to being your trusted notary and loan signing agent. Enlist her expertise by scheduling an appointment today!

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