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The Meaning and Benefit of Notarization


Many will find themselves in need of notary services at some point. But what exactly is notarization? Some people think a notary public can do the same thing an attorney does. That’s a myth.

A notary public’s role is to serve as a disinterested party, properly verify the identity of the document signers, administer oaths, acknowledge that the document was willingly  signed and record the pertinent information in the notary public’s journal.

Getting a document notarized by notary services in Santa Rosa, California is akin to making a sworn statement—it implies that you assert the truthfulness of the facts stated in the document. However, whether the document can hold up in court is a question already outside the scope of a notary.

A proper notarial act from a mobile notary in Sonoma County, California mainly does three things:

  • Notarization assures the signer was properly identified.
  • Notarization assures the document was willingly signed.
  • Notarization transforms a private instrument into a public instrument.

When a document bears the imprint of a notary’s seal, it signifies that a notary public has confirmed the authenticity and proper execution of the transaction and provides a level of authenticity and reliability.

While anyone can witness a signature, only a state-authorized officer, such as a loan signing agent in Sonoma County, California, is considered competent to ensure the proper execution of a document. 

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